Houston, Texas state judge, Hilary H. Green, is suspended for allegedly using illegal drugs, prostitutes, being addicted to cough syrup and sexting her bailiff.

She has some crazy habits.

Green, a mother of one, misrepresented her relationship with a convicted swindler in order to conceal her illegal drug purchases and addiction to prescription cough syrup. Green allegedly admitted to the Commission that she used Ecstasy and marijuana with a boyfriend.

Green would get drugs from her bailiff, and that the two had a secret code for what drugs she wanted. If she texted him about ‘nuts and bolts’ she meant Tussionex, a prescription cough medicine, if she asked for ‘cookie dough’ she meant cocaine and if she wanted ‘Skittles’ that meant Ecstasy.

Her former boyfriend also said that they used Backpage.com on two occasions to hire prostitutes for threesomes. He said Green paid $150 to a prostitute in Houston on one occasion, and $200 to a prostitute in Austin on another.

The report, which was put out in May, also claimed that Green concealed her relationship to a five-time convicted felon, who appeared in her court over an eviction in 2012.

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hilary h green

She looks judicial.

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