Just another day in Florida. Walter Ynguil, grabs a womans boobs at the post office, exposes himself at a Subway sandwich shop and finishes his day by jerking off at the Circle K convenience store in Deltona.

What a way to spend the day.

Walter Ynguil, age 29, was reported grabbing a woman’s breast at the Deltona Post office on Howland Blvd.  According to police reports, he was walking around the parking lot laughing and then ran up behind a woman and grabbed her chest.  Reports of a man in Deltona exposing himself to women. At Subway on Howland Blvd.

AT Circle K, on Howland Blvd., a woman reported a man was masturbating in front of the building. She said she recognized him from past incidents in the Publix and Lowe’s parking lots at Howland and Elkcam Blvds.

I’m guessing he lives near Howland Blvd.

More at News Daytona Beach

Walter Ynguil,

I’m thinking he’s embarassed.

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