Monique Quarles, of Topeka, Kansas, makes 17 people homeless. She burns part of her apartment building down when she tries to kill a bug with a cigarette lighter.

Just step on it like everyone else does.

A woman in Topeka, Kan., tried to kill a bug with a cigarette lighter. She wound up setting her apartment on fire, forcing an evacuation of the building and causing extensive damage.  Topeka Fire Marshal Mike Martin confirmed that the blaze, which caused $140,000 in damages and the displacement of 17 people, resulted from an “occupant trying to kill a bug with a lighter.”

Herrera said one resident was transported to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. Later, a firefighter went to a local hospital after experiencing heat exhaustion.

He also said two or three cats were rescued and some had to receive oxygen.

Fire officials said 13 adults and four children have been displaced because of the fire. The Red Cross was on the scene to help residents.

More at Washington Post

monique quarles

She looks kind of embarrassed.


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