Mother of the month, Colleen Walker, is arrested for leaving her 5 year old in a hot car as she shops. When police place her in the car, she complains to the South Daytona Beach, Florida, police, that it’s too hot for her in the police car.

South Daytona police told WESH in Orlando that the temperature inside the car was 107 degrees.  Police and firefighters rescued the boy and then waited for his mother. Colleen Walker, 30, told officers she spent 12 minutes shopping at the Dollar General, but security video showed her inside for 28 minutes.

When they put Walker in the police car,  “She was complaining that the backseat of our patrol car was too hot on her way to the jail, and asked the officer to turn the AC up,” Lt. Dan Dietrich told WFTV in Orlando.

More at WFLA

colleen walker

She needs a new hair do.


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