Rashada Hurley and Timothy Lowe, from Georgia, are on their honeymoon in Miami, Florida, and decide to kidnap a 27-year-old woman and sexually assault her.

I wonder how someone comes up with that.  I think we should kidnap someone and bring her back to our hotel room, that would make our honeymoon that much more interesting.

Lowe and Hurley, who are Georgia residents in South Florida on their honeymoon.   The woman was kidnapped and raped Sunday after she left a Publix in Hialeah.

Lowe drove the car to a Motel 6 at 7330 NW 36th St., where Hurley booked a room using the woman’s credit card.  The woman told police that they forced her to have intercourse and perform oral sex on Hurley, according to a police report. Once Hurley and Lowe were distracted, the woman was able to escape.

The couple left the area afterward in the woman’s car.  Police were able to track down Lowe and Hurley, and the woman was able to positively identify her attackers in a photographic lineup.

More at Local 10

rashada hurley timothy lowe

Who the hell goes to Hialeah, let alone honeymoon there?



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