Tabatha Lehman and Craig Schultheis, get mad when cops tell them to stop having sex in front of a store in Largo, Florida.

If you’re going to have sex like that, have it in an alley. Less chance of being caught.

Tabatha Lehman, 45, and Craig Schultheis, 46, were upset at being caught at it, in the early hours of Monday morning by a cop from Largo police, near Tampa.

Logan kept repeating that he was ‘just trying to get a piece of ass.’  Lehman was equally as crude as she kept declaring she was ‘getting her p**** eaten out.’  Despite their persistence, the pair were arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor.

The couple were released from jail on Monday after spending about nine hours in custody.

More at Express Digest

tabatha Lehman craig schulthies

She looks satisfied, him not so much.


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