Zhejiang, China, DUMBASS, gets his pecker stuck in a wrench. Hospital call in dentists to drill it off after 17 hours.

The Chinese do some strange things,

A Zhejiang man arrived at a hospital late one night last week with his swollen penis stuck inside a wrench, leaving both doctors and firefighters at a loss for what to do. Fortunately, dentists knew just the thing to free his manhood.  Two dentists soon showed up and went to work with a dental drill that spins extremely fast, but uses water to keep itself cool, preventing the man’s genitals from getting burned.  Following a delicate 30-minute operation, the dentists successfully cut through the wrench and freed the poor guy’s manhood after it had been trapped for some 17 hours in total.

More at Shanghailist

Zhejiang china

Zhejiang china 2

Zhejiang china 3

That’s a tight fit.

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