21-year-old Sidney Woytasczyk, gives birth to a baby girl. She then puts the baby outside, because she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend in Houston, Texas.

How about using birth control?

Investigators believe she knew she was pregnant and was trying to hide her pregnancy from her boyfriend.  According to authorities, Woytasczyk had the baby in her kitchen and placed it outside because she was worried the child would come between her and her boyfriend.  We also learned the baby was left outside, alone in the dirt for six hours before she was discovered.

If you’d like to donate items for the baby, you can contact Mary Votaw at 832-454-4163. You can also contact Be a Resource(BEAR) at 713-940-3087. You can specify that the items are for this baby, but they also have thousands of other children in need, so you can donate for those children as well.

More at ABC 13

sidney woytasczyk

She has a boxers nose.  (my opinion)

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