Female volleyball coach, has sex with student and then sends him a photo of her bare breasts. Carlee Mae Barmby, says she don’t remember because she was probably very drunk in Lafayette, Indiana.

The “I don’t recall” defense is the best.

Tippecanoe County prosecutors allege in documents filed Wednesday that Carlee Mae Barmby, a volunteer assistant coach for the boys volleyball team, had sexual intercourse at her home with a student athlete on the team.  The next day, she sent a photo of her exposed breasts, which also revealed her face, to the student.

Barmby allegedly admitted to police that the victim visited her house and that is “was highly possible she had intercourse” and texted the photo of herself, but that she did not remember either event because she was impaired by alcohol at the time.

More at Purdue Exponent

carlee mae barmby

How can she see with those eyes?


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