Hot, veterinary tech/nurse, poisons her own dog, so she can get attention in Glasgow, Scotland. Perhaps there’s a reason for her not getting any attention.

She can always go to a singles bar.

Georgina Bretman, 28, injected her cocker spaniel, Florence, with a drug from the medicine cabinet that made her collapse and suffer convulsions and seizures.

Mrs Herd described Bretman as ‘quite attention seeking’ and added: ‘I had said to my partner she will find an excuse to come in to the clinic because she’s not happy about having the night off and I said ‘I bet Flo collapses tonight’, and it did happen.’

Florence the dog was rehomed after the allegations against Bretman came to light – and the court heard she had returned to good health. She has not been ill since leaving Bretman’s care.

More at Metro

georgina bretman

georgina bretman 2

Women that look like her get too much attention. The question is What’s wrong with her?


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