Martha Alemán, a cop for 15 years in Miami, Florida, resigns. She’s now arrested for the 2nd time impersonating a cop in Miami. Why resign in the first place.

You can take a cop off the streets but you can’t take the streets off the cop.  ( It made sense to me when I started writing it. )

Alemán, a cop until her sudden unexplained resignation last year, was arrested three weeks ago on charges of impersonating a police officer after pulling a man over at a gas station in Miami and flashing a Miami-Dade police badge.  On Monday, she did it again, police say — but her impersonation took a different turn. This time, police said Alemán, 46, took advantage of a troubled woman by offering her counseling while pretending to be a police officer with the Miami-Dade police department.


More at Miami Herald

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To protect and to serve?

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