Pastors, Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, show their true colors by refusing to open their Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas, which seats 16,000 to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

If he opens the church to help people it’s going to cost him money, when he opens to “help” people, the people give him money. It’s very simple people.

Gizmodo writer Matt Novak did some digging and found out that not only is Osteen not sheltering flood victims: His church isn’t even flooded.

To underscore this point, he linked to a Houston Chronicle article about a furniture store just down the street from Lakewood Church that is opening its doors to flood victims. Novak also reminded his followers that the IRS code only allows churches to have tax exempt status based on the implication that they’re operating for the good of the public.

Several Houstonians have allegedly told Novak that Osteen blocked them from his official Twitter account when they asked him why he wasn’t sheltering flood victims. Novak then tweeted that not only does Lakewood Church appear to be safe from the floodwaters, the building’s underground garage is also dry.

More at Grit Post

joel osteen and his house

Can’t blame him, its a nice racket to be in, if you can get in.


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