Police arrive at Tega Cay Golf Course, in Tega Cay, South Carolina, after residents call in a possible medical emergency. They find Dakota Len Payne, 19, and his girlfriend, Kiernan Dunne Hennessey, 24, having sex on the 8th hole.

I wonder what club he was using.

The resident told police he thought there may be some medical situation, but after getting his binoculars and looking closer, he saw the couple engaged in a sex act.  Another pair of witnesses later told police they saw the couple from the tee box, but initially thought them to be a deer on the fairway.

Officers arrived, according to the report, to find Payne without shorts on and Hennessey wearing only a bra, according to the report. Both “were instructed multiple times” to stop what they were doing and clothe themselves.

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Kiernan Hennessey

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