Super mom, Emily Nolan, thinks it’s a good idea to tattoo “Jesus Loves” on her 12 year old daughter. Brenda Gaddy, tattoos the kid and says she knew she was a minor but tattoos her anyway, in Newnan, Georgia.

This is proof the dumbing down of America began a long time ago.

A teacher discovered the 4-inch tattoo of a cross with the words “Jesus Loves” emblazoned on the right shoulder of the juvenile during a school dance.

Brenda Hope Gaddy was arrested Friday and charged with tattooing the body of a person under the age of 18. The victim’s mother, Emmie Crystal Nolan, was charged with being a party to the crime.

More at Times Herald

emily nolan brenda gaddy

Brenda Gaddy, (Left)  mother Emily Nolan (Right)

I like the moms expression on her face. They both have awful hair.

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