Wesley J. Kelley of Loxahatchee, Florida, attempts to steal the license plate off a Palm Beach County Sherrif’s vehicle, as 3 detectives are sitting in the car.

This guy watches too many movies.

Kelley admitted he drove through a fence belonging to FedEx Freight at 5850 Premier Park Drive, near 45th Street and Haverhill Road in surburban West Palm Beach, because “he always wanted to try ramming a gate with a car to see if it would bust open like in the movies,” the report said.

The detectives were doing surveillance in an unmarked car at a second address on Premier Park Drive when Kelley pulled up behind them. The report said he pulled on a pair of gloves, then attempted to open the door to the patrol car and detach the license plate, the report said.

Kelley became nervous when confronted by the detective and said he was sorry before jumping into his car and taking off, the report said.

More at Palm Beach Post

wesley j kelley

Can you say Red Neck?


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