Jason Tarsey, Broward County, GOP Secretary, turns out, a decade ago, the then-Beverly Hills, California, teenager was charged with attempted murder after hitting Los Angeles’ Harvard-Westlake School classmate Elizabeth Barcay over the head at least 40 times, splitting her skull open with a hammer.

Today’s so called public servants have such incredible skeletons in their closets. His actions sound more democratic than republican.


The Broward County Republicans are in turmoil today after revelations that a freshly-elected member of the executive board is a man who once charged with attempted murder in the savage claw-hammer beating of a then-classmate at a Los Angeles prep school for multi-millionaires’ children.

The grandson of Jason Tarsey, owner of the historic Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Tarsey was arrested in 2007 after a violent incident in a car near the private school.

Tarsey, according to published reports, invited Barcay, the daughter of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, to ride with him to Jamba Juice after a big exam.

Tarsey eventually parked the car and allegedly pulled a hammer from a backpack. He then started hitting her over the head, opened the passenger’s door and pulled her out while choking her before driving away.

More at Miami Herald

jason tarsey

His arms appear abnormally long.


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