Travis Paul Taffer, of Satellite Beach, Florida, is found passed out at a stop light in Melbourne, Florida, with a 16 month old child in the backseat, a can of alcohol in one hand and his foot on the brake which stopped a potential accident.

The best part is he was going to pick up a 7 year old from school.

Police say they received report that a man was passed out behind the wheel at around 2:15 p.m.  When officers arrived they discovered Taffer behind the wheel with the car turned on, while the car was still in gear.  Taffer’s foot was still on the brake when police arrived. Police quickly shifted the car on park and woke up the driver.  Police officers say they found an open container of alcohol in the driver’s hand and a 16-month child in the backseat.

More at Space Coast Daily

Travis paul Taffer

His eye brows have a very high arch.


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