Todays student-teacher sex scandal comes from Coventry Uk. Female teacher caught in bed with, not 1 but 2 students at the same time.

Sandrine Brown, 31, of Stoke, Coventry UK a teacher at Finham Park School in Coventry must have game as she had 2 teens in bed at the same time.

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She looks cold.


Nebraska woman lets boyfriend duct tape kids to chairs and makes them watch movie “Mommie Dearest:

Mary Lucas, 28, of Nebraska City let her boyfriend Glenn Oliver, 29, duct tape them to chairs after they called her “the meanest mommy” in the world.  The kids told police they have been duct taped before.

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They look surprised they got in trouble.


Ocala Fl. woman arrested for flashing her breasts in front of Champions BBQ says the bees made her do it.

Denise R. Belflower 34, tells the police that she was stung by a bee or bees and she was just trying to itch the spot where she says she was stung.
She later admits she had been drinking. Wow, someone doing drunk DUMBASS stuff in Florida. Who would believe that?

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Is that a bruise on her nose?